The rating for video games is the same as TV, but different. R18+ was added in 2011 after years of debate. These ratings icons have been used since 2006, but older icons had existed since the system was created in 1994.

G: Games appropriate for all ages.

G8: Same as G, but some content may not be suitable for young children.

M15: Recommended for a mature audience 15 years or over.

MA15: Not suitable for people under 15.

Any game that exceeded the MA15 category was automatically Refused Classification (banned). Eventually, in 2005, G8 was changed to PG to avoid confusion, and the 15 was removed from the M category to avoid confusion with the stronger MA15 rating. Still, R18 content was Refused Classification. Eventually, a South Australian man named Michael Atkinson has been to blame, by constantly blocking any attempt to introduce an R18 rating. When he resigned in 2010, the public decided that it was time to get it right and introduce this rating. Now most games that would be RC now fit into this category.

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