Since 1997, Colombian television networks are required to specify programs within dubbed family and adult fringes, and must display a notice signifying the audience, both visually and in narration, the minimum age required to watch the program, if it contains sexual or violent content, and if parental company is needed at the beginning of every program.[1] The networks must also air an 'institutional message' daily at 21:00, inviting children 12 years of age or less to "not to stay exposed to contents which have no essentially child[-oriented] nature."[2][3] A message must be broadcast at 22:10, Monday through Friday, (22:30 Saturdays and Sundays) explaining to viewers that the adult fringe has started. Most networks opt to display a scrolling text message instead.[3]

Fringe hoursEdit

The fringes (Spanish: franjas), as defined by the National Television Commission,[4]are as follows:

  • Para todas las audiencias (content suitable for all audiences): daily, from the hours of 07:00–21:30;
  • Infantil (children): Monday through Friday from 16:00–17:00, and Saturdays and Sundays from 08:00–10:00;
  • Familiar (family): Monday to Friday from 07:00–16:00 and 17:00–22:10, and Saturdays and Sundays 07:00–08:00 and 10:00–22:30, respectively.
  • Adultos (adults): Programming dubbed with this classification run through the remaining time slots not specified by the Infantil and Familiar fringes.

Pornography is forbidden in broadcast over the air television in Colombia, even in the adult fringes.[5]


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