The digital comic/graphic novel service Comixology has their own age rating system for comics, which can be seen on the page of every comic on the site.

According to Comixology's FAQ, "Our age rating guidelines are loosely based on guidelines used by our channel partners and have been elaborated upon based on our past experience."

Ratings Edit

  • All Ages Admitted
  • 9+ Only
  • 12+ Only
  • 15+ Only
  • 17+ Only
  • 18+ Only; Restricted - These titles always feature a disclaimer on their page explaining why the series is rated 18+, such as "graphic sexuality", "gore", "sadistic violence", and others.

Comixology Pulllist Edit

  • Some comics that are rated for older teens/mature audiences in print contain a disclaimer on the pulllist that reads "This title may contain material inappropriate for younger readers." Examples include Monster Musume, Saga, and Sex Criminals.
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