Eirin (full name Eirin Kanri Iinkai, previously Eiga Rinri Kitei Kanri Iinkai) is the Japanese rating system used for television shows and movies. It was first used in June 1949, about 20 years before other rating systems such as the MPAA and ACB were introduced. It is considered to be a very strict rating system, as it will not approve any film they deem to be "obscene", and the group also forbid sexualization of characters in movies under the age of 18, despite Japan's age of consent being 13 years of age.


From Eirin's website:

An example being used on a DVD.

G: General, suitable for all ages.

PG12: Parental guidance recommended for young people under 12 years.

R15+: for persons aged 15 and above only (No one under 15 admitted)

R18+: for persons aged 18 and above only (No one under 18 admitted)


  • Eirin does not have a place anywhere on their website where you can actually see what they have classified media, unlike the MPAA, ACB, or BBFC.
  • Eirin forbids "detailed exposure of sexual organs", so genitals are always censored in television shows and movies, usually with pixelation or a black dot. This is based off of Japanese law that has forbidden images of genitals in all media forms since the Meiji era (1860s).
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