Television ratings were introduced in Finland in the year 2004. The initial ratings system for television programs shown on Finnish channels consisted of ratings S, K4, K9, K13, and K15. Ratings as of 2013 are

  • S (allowed at all times)
  • K4 (not allowed to air before 6:00 am)
  • K9 (not allowed to air before 04:00 pm)
  • K13 (not allowed to air before 08:00 pm)
  • K15 (not allowed to air before 10:00 pm)

If a program is classified as K13 or K15, a notification must be shown before transmission. Example: The following program is rated K13 or K15. These may be optional on K4 or K9 rated programs. S rated material does not require using a notification, but some channels use one for rated-S programs.

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