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18 (BBFC)20th Century Fox AnimationAA (BBFC)
AMCA (BBFC)A Bug’s Life
Aardman AnimationsAbsolutely Not For ChildrenAdult rating
Age rating system for North American manga releasesAmazon Instant VideoAmblimation
Animax UKAntzApp Store content rating system
Argentina TV content rating systemArmenia TV content rating systemAustralian Movie Rating System
Australian Publication Rating SystemAustralian TV content rating systemAustralian Video Game Content Rating System
Austria Movie Rating SystemBad language descriptorBeanos222's Movie ratings
Beanos222's TV ratingsBlue Sky StudiosBrazil advisory rating system
British Board of Film ClassificationBulgaria TV content rating systemCERO (Computer Entertainment Rating Organization)
Canadian Home Video Rating SystemCanadian Movie Rating SystemCanadian TV Rating System
Canorian film and TV rating systemCars (franchise)Catholic News Service
Chile TV Content Rating SystemChile movie rating systemCinemax
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (franchise)Code GeassColombia TV content rating system
Colombian movie rating systemComixology comic rating systemCovi & Zizt (Franchise)
CrackleCrunchyroll "Mature Content" FilterDanish Movie Rating System
Denmark TV Content Rating SystemDespicable Me (franchise)Discrimination descriptor
DisneyToon StudiosDreamWorks AnimationDrugs descriptor
EOCS (Ethics Organization of Computer Software)ESRB Adults Only 18+ESRB Early Childhood
ESRB EveryoneESRB Everyone 10+ESRB Mature 17+
ESRB Rating SystemESRB TeenETRC Ratings
Ethics Organization of Computer SoftwareFXMFear descriptor
FictionRatingsFilm Classification Board of MalaysiaFilm and Publication Board
Finding Nemo (franchise)Finland TV Content Rating SystemFlix
France TV Content Rating SystemFrench Movie Rating SystemFrozen (franchise)
Fur Affinity Content RatingsGP ratingG (Australia)
Gambling descriptorGame Rating and Administration CommitteeGerman Movie Rating System
German Video Game Rating SystemGermany TV Content Rating SystemGetTV
Greece TV Content Rating SystemGritHBO
HDNet MoviesH (BBFC)Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
Hong Kong TV Content Rating SystemHong Kong movie rating systemHulu
Hungary Content Rating SystemIFCIce Age (franchise)
Iceland TV Content Rating SystemIllumination EntertainmentIndia TV Content Rating System
Indonesia TV Content Rating SystemInstitute of Cinematography and Audiovisual ArtsIreland TV Content Rating System
Irish Film Classification OfficeIsrael TV Content Rating SystemItaly TV Content Rating System
JAST USA "Adults Only" StickerKijkwijzerKlasky Csupo
Korea Media Rating BoardKung Fu Panda (Franchise)L
LMNLembaga Sensor FilmList of banned films
List of banned video gamesList of controversial rating decisionsList of films censored for a lower age rating
List of television series censoredList of trailers censored for a lower age ratingList of video games censored for a lower age rating
Lucy Adderley RatingsMA 15+MGM HD
MPAA Rating SystemM (Australia)M (disambiguation)
M ratingMedia which are exceptions to common age rating rulesMexico TV content rating system
Mexico movie rating systemMobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded OrphansMonster’s Inc. (franchise)
Motion Picture AssociationMoviePlexMovie and Television Review and Classification Board
Movies From Parallel UniversesMy ratingsNational Film Center
NetflixNew Zealand G ratingNew Zealand M rating
New Zealand PG ratingNew Zealand R20 ratingNew Zealand RP13 rating
New Zealand RP16 ratingNew Zealand R ratingNew Zealand X rating
New Zealand rating of 13 Reasons WhyNewgrounds content Rating SystemNewly changed articles
Nickelodeon Animation StudiosNickelodeon MoviesNot Appropriate for Children
Offensive languageOffice of Film and Literature Classification rating systemOnline descriptor
Open Season (franchise)PEGI (Pan European Game Information)PG (Australia)
PG (BBFC)PG (disambiguation)Paramount Animation
Parental AdvisoryParental controlsPhilippines TV Content Rating System
PixarPolish TV Rating SystemQuarry
Quebec ratingsR-18+ (Samoan cinema rating)R13 label
R15 labelR16 labelR18 (BBFC)
R18 labelRCR 18+
RatatouilleRated GRated NC-17
Rated PGRated PG-13Rated R
Rating System WikiReady?Restricted label
Restricted ratingRussian Age Rating SystemRégie du cinéma
Samoan cinema classification systemSega Casino Ds Box Art but i made it betterSex descriptor
ShowtimeShowtime (TV network)Shrek (franchise)
Singapore film rating systemSingapore game rating systemSlovenia TV content rating system
Sony Movie ChannelSony Pictures AnimationSpecific restrictions in New Zealand
Star Trek DiscoveryStarzStarz Encore
Studio GhibliSundanceTVTV-14
TV Parental GuidelinesTV Parental Guidelines/GalleryTaiwan movie rating system
Television Classification System (Cambodia)Thai RatingThe Incredibles (franchise)
The Lego Movie (franchise)The Movie ChannelThe Ugly Duckling And Me! (franchise)
This TVToy Story (franchise)Turks and Caicos Islands Movie Rating System
Turner Classic MoviesU (BBFC)Uc (BBFC)
Ukrainian State Film AgencyUnique content advisories in various age rating systemsUniversal Animation Studios
Victornese TV GuidelinesVideogame Rating CouncilVietnam Movie Rating System
Violence descriptorWALL.EWalt Disney Animation Studios
Warner Animation GroupWarner Bros. Feature AnimationWiki Content
Winnie the Pooh (franchise)X21X (BBFC)
X (disambiguation)X 18+X rating
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