This is an incomplete list of media which are exceptions to guidelines at different age ratings (such as one F-word in a film rated PG-13 by the MPAA).

Fox Edit

  • King of the Hill- On the episode "High Anxiety" and "Lost in MySpace", it was given a TV-PG for Suggestive Dialogue (D) and Violence (V) by Fox, FX, and other syndicated airings. but on Adult-Swim, it was rated TV-14 for drug use and suicide references.


  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial - Contains use of mild language that would normally only be passed at 'PG'. The BBFC have stated that the film would likely not be passed at 'U' if submitted today.
  • Hell Girl (episode 7) - Contains 13 F-words. The disc with the episode on it was rated 12 for "moderate sexuality, language and infrequent horror".
  • The King's Speech - Contains 18 F-words. While originally classified 15, it was rerated 12A after an appeal; the current consumer advice reads "Contains strong language in a speech therapy context".
  • Watership Down - Contains moderate animated violence and infrequent mild language that are not usually permitted at the 'U' rating.


  • 2048: Read Only Memories - Formerly an exception: rerated 'T' with a 'Mild Language' descriptor despite presence of the F-word. After complaints, the ESRB changed the rating back to M.
  • Crazy Taxi - The Dreamcast version features an uncensored version of "Way Down The Line" that contains the F-word despite its T rating.
  • The Orion Conspiracy - Contains multiple unbleeped F-words despite its T rating.
  • Rocksmith - Several DLC were released uncensored on the original release, such as Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" ("Seemed a harmless little f***"). (Despite the 'music downloads not rated by the ESRB' statement in the rating, the ESRB still has a rule that the downloads cannot exceed the game's actual rating.) When Rocksmith 2014 was released, all these DLC were changed to clean versions.
  • Snatcher - One of the first games rated by the ESRB; contains a substantial amount of gore that would likely not be allowed in a T-rated game today.


  • La La Land - Rated PG despite a use of the word 'f***', which is normally forbidden below a 12A.
  • Nebraska - Rated 12A in theaters despite a use of the word 'c***sucker', which is normally forbidden below a 15.
  • Red Army - Rated 12A in theaters despite a use of the word 'c***sucker', which is normally forbidden below a 15. Rerated 15 on DVD.


  • Beetlejuice - Was rated PG after the creation of the PG-13 rating despite Beetlejuice yelling "Nice f***in' model!" in one scene. (Edited in some home video releases.)
  • Draft Day - Rated PG-13 on appeal despite a use of the word 'motherf***er'.
  • Gunner Palace - Holds the record for the most F-words in a PG-13 movie (42) due to a successful appeal arguing the realistic context of the film and the importance of its themes for young teenagers.
  • The Hip Hop Project - Rated PG-13 on appeal despite containing 17 F-words.
  • Titanic - Rated PG-13 despite clear bare breast nudity, which at this point would earn most films an R.


  • Julie & Julia - Rated PG on appeal despite an F-word not usually being allowed at the PG rating.
  • Megan is Missing - Rated MA15+ despite its graphic scenes of sexual violence; the guidelines at MA15+ read "Sexual violence may be implied, if justified by context." Was refused classification in New Zealand.
  • Nymphomaniac - Rated R18+ despite containing unsimulated sexual activity.
  • Silverball Product Version 8 - Was initially refused classification due to nudity tied to incentives/rewards (at this time there was no R18+ rating). Rated M on appeal due to the argument of the distributor that the nudity was 'incidental'.
  • Sleuth - Rated M on appeal despite its three uses of 'c**t' (a word that is usually an automatic MA15+), which the Review Board said was "infrequent and justified by context."

Ontario ratings board Edit

  • Happy Tree Friends - Volumes 1 and 2 have been rated "G" despite their gory cartoon violence. Other volumes are PG, 14A, and 18A despite the same level of content.
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