The classification system of television programs in Mexico is almost equivalent to that of the Motion picture rating system of that country, and consists of the following:

  • AA – designed for children under 7; no sex, nudity, violence, or language of any level is allowed, with the possible exceptions of non-sexual love, mild horror themes, etc.;
  • A – appropriate for all ages, although some material may be unsuitable for children under 7 years (some profanity, sexual references, violence or crude humor);
  • B – designed for ages 12 and older, may contain some sexual situations, mild violence, and mild language;
  • B-15 – designed for ages 15 and up, slightly more intensive than the 'A' and 'B' ratings;
  • C – designed to be viewed by adults 18 or older only, generally more intensive content;
  • D – designed to be viewed only by mature adults (at least 21 years of age and over), contains extreme content matter;
  • RC (refused classification) – banned from public television in Mexico.

In December 2010, the Latin American channel, Canal Fox, started using TV ratings, along with the channel XEIMT-TV in Mexico City.

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