French-language broadcasters use the Quebec film ratings system. For English broadcasters, they use the Canadian TV Rating System

  • G (General) appropriate for all ages with little or no violence and little to no sexual content. Equivalent to TV-Y and/or TV-G.
  • 8+ appropriate for children 8 and up with little violence, language, and little to no sexual situations. Equivalent to TV-Y7 and/or TV-PG.
  • 13+ appropriate for children 13 and up with moderate violence, language, and some sexual situations. Equivalent to soft TV-14.
  • 16+ appropriate for children 16 and up with strong violence, strong language, and strong sexual content. Equivalent to hard TV-14 and/or soft TV-MA.
  • 18+ only to be viewed by adults 18 and up with extreme violence and graphic sexual content. Equivalent to hard TV-MA.

An E (no rating will appear on screen) is given to exempt programming, in the same classes used for English Canadian programming above.

Trivia Edit

  • Rules that the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council applies are slightly difference for Quebec television; for example, in the case MusiquePlus re CTRL, the CBSC stated there were cases where the word 'f**k' was acceptable before the watershed on television in Quebec. This is not the case in any other Canadian region.
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