In New Zealand, the R15 rating is officially mandated and used to signify that movies with this rating are unsuitable for younger teenagers, and no one under 15 is allowed under any circumstance.

On the long run, R15 classifications are less common than other restricted classifications (R13, R16, and R18).

Examples of R15 titlesEdit

  • The Patriot ("Depicts graphic & realistic war scenes")
  • Saving Private Ryan ("Depicts graphic & realistic war scenes")
  • Passion of the Christ ("Prolonged scenes of brutal violence, torture & cruelty")
  • Enemy at the Gates ("Depicts graphic & realistic war scenes")
  • The Pianist ("Violence & content that may disturb")
  • Out of the Blue ("Violence & content that may disturb")
  • Hacksaw Ridge ("Depicts graphic & realistic war scenes")
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