In New Zealand, the R18 rating is used to signify that a movie is unsuitable for children under 18, and no one under 18 is admitted to the motion picture under any circumstance. A DVD or computer game with an R18 label should not be sold to anyone under 18.

Examples of R18 titlesEdit

  • Pulp Fiction ("Graphic violence")
  • Kill Bill Vol.1 ("Graphic violence & offensive language")
  • Natural Born Killers ("Graphic violence")
  • The Dreamers ("Sex scenes")
  • The Wolf of Wall Street ("Drug use, sex scenes and offensive language")
New Zealand Office of Film and Literature Classification
Common unrestricted labels: G | PG | M
Common restricted labels: 13 | 16 | 18
Other restricted labels: R | 15 | RP13 | RP16
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