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Restricted (R 18+), or simply R, is one of the seven classification categories of the Australian film rating system and one of the six for the computer game system of the Australian Classification Board.

It is a legally restricted classification category. Material classified R 18+ is restricted to adults. Some material classified R18+ may be offensive to sections of the adult community. A person may be asked for proof of their age before purchasing, hiring or viewing R18+ films and computer games at a retail store or cinema. No one under the age stated may buy or rent these films or computer games. This restriction does not apply to minors under two years of age in Queensland, but only for public exhibition.

In terms of coarse language, nudity, and adult themes, there are virtually no restrictions. Sexual activity may be realistically simulated according to the guidelines, though a handful of artistic titles with actual sexual activity have passed at the R18+ rating, such as the two-part Nymphomaniac film series (although the general rule states "simulation, yes—the real thing, no").

Gratuitous real violence is not permitted.

The classification was introduced in computer games on 1 January 2013. The guidelines for R18+ computer games are notably stricter, forbidding any depiction of sexual violence (also includes implied sexual violence related to incentives/rewards), interactive realistic drug use (including illicit drug use related to incentives/rewards), or realistically simulated sexual activity. Guidelines for computer games also do not permit actual sexual activity even at R18+, unlike those permitted occasionally on films. Any depiction of sexual activity or nudity that is related to incentives or rewards will automatically receive this classification category.

South Australian law requires stores to have a separate aisle for R 18+ content.[1] Marking it is optional.

Examples of R 18+ material


  • Hardcore Henry (High impact violence)
  • Hellboy [2019] (High impact violence, blood and gore)
  • The Neon Demon (High impact sexual themes)
  • Nymphomaniac Vol. I and II (High impact sexual themes, actual sexual activity and nudity)
  • T2 Trainspotting (High impact themes, coarse language and drug use)
  • The Wolf of Wall Street (High impact sex scenes and drug use) available in an edited form classified MA 15+


  • Game of Thrones (High impact sex scenes and violence)
  • American Horror Story (season 4-6) (High impact horror themes, violence, and sexualised violence)
  • The Walking Dead (season 6) (High impact violence and blood and gore)

Computer Games

  • Dead Rising 4 (High impact violence, blood and gore, online interactivity)
  • Dex (Sexual activity related to incentives and rewards)
  • DOOM [2016] (High impact violence, blood and gore, online interactivity)
  • Dying Light (High impact violence, blood and gore, online interactivity)
  • Mafia III (High impact sex, nudity, coarse language, drug use, themes and violence)


  • Officially, only two channels (World Movies and Adults Only) are allowed to broadcast R18+ material on television. However, some R18+ films have been shown on television uncut with an MA15+/AV15+ applied by the network, such as A Clockwork Orange (SBS), Exotica (SBS), Last Tango in Paris (Channel 7), Pulp Fiction (SBS), and Shame (SBS).

Offences in Australia

R18+ is a legally restrictive rating. Values in italics indicate set fines.


Computer games

Offence Max. fine
(Penalty units)
Selling/hiring an R18+ computer game to a minor
(NSW, Vic, WA, SA) Unless the person who sells or delivers/demonstrates the game is a parent or guardian of the minor
(NT) Unless the person who sells or delivers the game is a a parent or guardian of the minor and the child is 15 or older
100 (NSW)
60 (Vic)
100 (Qld)
50 (ACT)
20 (Tas)
100 (NT)
$5,000 (WA)
$5,000 (SA)
Demonstrating an R18+ computer game in a 'public place' 50 (NSW)
10 (Vic)
50 (Qld)
50 (ACT)
50 (Tas)
100 (NT)
$2,000 (WA)
$5,000 (SA)
Demonstrating an R18+ computer game in presence of child - in a place other than a 'public place'
(NSW, Vic, ACT, WA, SA) Unless the person who sells or delivers/demonstrates the game is a parent or guardian of the minor
50 (NSW)
40 (Vic)
50 (Qld)
50 (ACT)
20 (Tas)
100 (NT)
$2,000 (WA)
$5,000 (SA)
Advertising an R 18+ computer game in a 'public place'
Only in Victoria and South Australia
20 (Vic)
$5,000 (SA)
Keeping an R 18+ computer game with other computer games and/or films
Only in Western Australia and South Australia
$500 (WA)
$5,000 (SA)


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