Rating System Wiki

This is a policy page. Admins can block users if they are breaking any of these rules.

  1. No adding rating systems that describe if a particular movie is good or bad. These are used by critics and the audiences, and it derives the purpose of Rating System Wiki.
  2. Keep it clean. Try keeping the articles at least PG-13 rated, try not to do an R-rated article unless it is absolutely necessary, and that censorship could result in the page being less definable.
  3. Do not add any fanon to this wiki. This is not a fanon wiki.
  4. Do not put fake rating systems.
  5. No putting non-rating system-related articles here.
  6. No spamming is allowed on this wiki.
  7. No vandalism of any kind allowed.
  8. Admins should not abuse their powers. You must always include a valid reason as to why a user should be blocked or a page should be deleted/protected. Such abuse will result in a loss of your admin privileges.
  9. This is not Facebook or MySpace. This wiki is not designed to be used as a social site.
  10. Don't upload NSFW (explicit/graphic) photos. It is a violation of Fandom's terms of use.
  11. No sock puppetry. Sock puppetry is when a user creates another account for illegitimate reasons, usually to evade a block. This will result in an immediate infinite block for the sock puppet account, as well as your regular block being increased.

Have fun on the wiki!