R rat.png|R, a partially restricted rating. Nc-17.png|NC-17, a fully restricted rating. A restricted rating, as opposed to an advisory or unrestricted rating, is one that restricts its audience to a particular group of people, usually to prevent underage children from seeing large amounts of violence, strong language, or sexual content. In the MPAA rating system, the two restricted ratings are R and NC-17. R is a part-restricted rating, that is, people under 17 can see an R-rated picture in a cinema, if they're accompanied by a parent or adult guardian. NC-17 is a fully restricted rating, and nobody under 18 may see a picture with this rating, even if accompanied by an adult. Adult ratings may be restricted to make sure that underage children aren't exposed to pornography or gratuitous violence, as well as coarse or sexually explicit language and drug (mis)use.

Board Partially restricted Hybrid Fully restricted Adult Not to be sold (or shown anywhere)
MPAA R (17) none NC-17 (18) none none
BBFC (UK) 12A none 12, 15, 18 R18 Rejected
IFCO (Ireland) 12A, 15A none 16, 18 none none
ACB (Australia) MA15+ none R18+ X18+ RC
FSK (Germany) none 12 (under 6s not admitted) 6, 16, 18, Unrated (18+) none none
RCQ (Régie; Quebec) 13+ none 16+, 18+ 18+ (Explicit Sexuality) Refused classification
Kijkwijzer (Netherlands) 12 none 16 none none
Canada (outside Quebec) 14A, 18A 18A (14+ in Maritimes and Manitoba) R A Prohibited
Eirin (Japan) none none R15+, R18+ none none
BAMID (Taiwan) none 6+ (under 6s not admitted, parental guide is required for 6-11s) 12+, 15+, 18+ none none
KMRB (South Korea) 12, 15 none 18 19 none
OFNAA (Hong Kong) none none III (18) none none
MTRCB (Philippines) PG (13) none R-13, R-16, R-18 none X
MDA (Singapore) none none NC-16, M18, R21 none NAR
FPB (South Africa) none 7-9 PG, 10-12 PG

(under the lower age limits not admitted at all) || 13, 16, 18 || X18 || XX

OFLC (New Zealand) RP labels none R labels none Objectionable
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