The Office of Film and Literature Classification in New Zealand has at times presented what some may consider as bizarrely specific classifications as to who is allowed to see a film or image.

However, these specific classifications do bring about a unique way of dealing with issues such as material that would offend the general public but is necessary viewing for those involved in some fields.

List of specific restrictions used by the OFLC Edit

  • i20/sociology study - Used for Marquis de Sade's erotic novel Juliette. "Indecent except in the hands of bona fide students over the age of 20 years engaged in work or research in sociological and related fields."
  • i genuine interest - "Unconditionally indecent except in the hands of persons who satisfy the Comptroller of Customs that they have a genuine scholastic or research interest in the material which is the principal subject of these publications."
  • i/sexual abnormality - Objectionable unless used in the professional or student study of sexual abnormalities.
  • i/T. Hutchins - Used for a pamphlet known as Leah Sublime. "Indecent in the hands of persons other than Tony Hutchins."
  • NZ Film Fest 2000 - Several films were classified as R16 or R18 only for NZ Film Fest 2000. Many of these films were never submitted for reclassification/released on New Zealand home video, leaving them technically unrated in New Zealand.
  • Obj/NDISS clinical staff - Used for publications by a man being held in a mental health unit about sexually abusing children. Only those involved in his treatment were legally allowed to view the drawings/text.
  • R*AIDS education - These films are rated R18 unless they are being used as part of an education program by the New Zealand AIDS Foundation.
  • Restricted to person - This classification has been used for material such as homemade sex tapes in which the material could potentially offend a wider audience but was meant to be private.
  • Restricted to subject - Used in occasions such as nude photos minors have willingly taken of themselves.
  • R18/needle exch/clinic - Used for a film on harm minimization and disease prevention in drug use. Only those over the age of 18 working in agencies/places that supply needles and syringes.
  • R/Treatment of offenders - Used for pornographic audio of a man speaking graphically about sexually abusing children. The only allowed use of the audio is with the assessment/treatment of sexual offenders that are under the supervision of a psychologist.