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The television programming that is rated TV-Y7 in the United States by the TV Parental Guidelines signifies content is suitable for children 7 or older. Many of these programs contain some elements that are not suitable for the TV-Y rating such as mild fantasy violence, comedic violence, or some frightening scenes. Most shows on channels such as Universal Kids (formerly known as Sprout channel), Discovery Family (formerly known as Discovery Kids Channel, Discovery Kids, The Hub and Hub Network), The WB/The CW's KidsClick (formerly known as Kids' WB, Toonzai and Voretxx), Disney Channel, Disney XD, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network (although TV-PG is gaining favorability for most programming), and a few PBS Kids shows receive this rating. It is equivalent to the MPA's hard G and soft PG rating for movies, and the ESRB's hard E and soft E10+ rating for video games.

This rating is above TV-Y and below TV-G.

Notable factors[]

  • Language: Mild name calling.
  • Violence: Mild to moderate [fantasy] violence, sometimes intense; mild violent references
  • Sexuality: Mild sexual references; mild suggestive imagery
  • Blood and Gore: Mild blood
  • Substances: Infrequent/mild depictions and/or references of alcohol or [fictional] drugs


  • As of May 8, 2024, there are over 45,360 TV-Y7 rated titles (the second most uncommon TV rating in the United States, above TV-Y and below TV-Y7-FV) and 9,630 TV-Y7-FV rated titles according to IMDb (the most uncommon TV rating in the United States).

Content descriptors[]

TV-Y7-FV icon

The TV-Y7-FV icon. This icon is used for TV-Y7 shows with fantasy violence that is more intense and/or combative than regular TV-Y7 shows. This descriptor is exclusive to the TV-Y7 rating.

  • FV: Fantasy Violence (The only one used, and only used for this rating.) This is used to indicate that a TV-Y7 rated program contains behavior that is more intense and/or combative but is however fictional and can be shown to children who understand the difference between fantasy and reality.

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