The Videogame Rating Council was created in 1993 to rate video games for the video game company Sega, in response to the violence found in the games Mortal Kombat, Night Trap, Lethal Enforcers, and more. The ratings were as follows:

GA: Appropriate for all ages.

MA-13: Parental discretion advised.

MA-17: Not suitable for minors.

This system was eventually replaced by the universally binding Entertainment Software Ratings Board. You can still find these on some older Sega Genesis games in yard sales.


  • Originally, Sega had tried putting simple content advisories on games; however, after the controversy of Night Trap, which had a content advisory on it, Sega decided to form a full rating system.
Night Trap Cover 001

The original Night Trap cover for the Sega CD. Note the content advisory to the right side of the cover.